' TicketTrigger is API integration of SRO 4 ticketing

TicketTrigger is the result of years of development and sold thousands of tickets. This product is the perfect online solution, as the SRO⁴ functionality fully integrates with both existing and new websites and apps. It is the world's most extensive solution for SRO API Online ticketing.

There is a lot more we can do with the SRO4 API. Get in touch and we are happy to show you the details.

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Freedom and control

With TicketTrigger you have complete freedom in design, flow and function.

Choose your events, in RCO flexible subcription sales

It enables you to build an order path exactly the way you want it. A great brand experience and a super user friendly sales flow is within reach. Suitable for any responsive, liquid or fixed design. (screenshot: RCO flexible subscription sales)

Perfect integration

TicketTrigger integrates with any content management system (CMS) and connects with external services like e-mail, social media and payment providers.


It uses open source software and gives full insights in the sales flow through Google Analytics.

Use the power of TopTix SRO Dynamic Ticketing Software

Security and stability are crucial. In our solution SRO⁴ controls the data and business logic while TicketTrigger does what it is made for: Making ticketing work online! Our ongoing contact with TopTix ensures the compatibility of the software with SRO updates and changes.


Ticketing sales is a business critical process. With TicketTrigger all business logic stays in SRO and is available online. TicketTrigger is the first tool worldwide to enable complex and large online sales with SRO⁴ via the SOAP API connection. It is an intelligent layer that results in easy to use components and widgets for websites and apps.

An excellent seat picker

Selecting a good seat is one of the most daring tasks when buying tickets online. Our seat picker is compatible with any hall design in SRO and can be tailored to the need of your venue.

Seat picker used in series

One of the favourite features of our customers is the seat picker. It displays the best available seats, gives the customer a view from the selected seat and interacts flawlessly with touchscreen. Feel free to contact us for a demo.

Our product can do much more:

  • It is a dependable solution: it handles high numbers of visitors, keeps the website running at normal speed and has overload safeguards for SRO / Caching.
  • It can be used to sell: events, series, tours, lunches, donations, merchandise, member services (separately or combined).
  • It features an upselling and cross selling shopping basket.
  • Integration with Queue-it (Virtual Online Queuing System) for an even higher number of visitors
  • It generates custom designed e-tickets and lets users add their tickets and membership cards to iPhone/Android passbook.
  • It has social media integration to service the user and use the strength of word-of-mouth.
  • Supports the SRO⁴ rules engine in every aspect
  • TicketTrigger has self-service account pages with order history, E-tickets download and much more.
  • It has an easy to use dashboard for up-to-date insight and translations.
  • It is fully multilingual and multicultural
  • It integrates with SRO payment providers and is able to process your coupons and vouchers
  • With custom integration of any feature of SRO⁴, tailored to your needs, the possibilities are endless

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