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TicketTrigger is used by several venues in The Netherlands, Belgium and Sweden. Every venue uses SRO in its own unique way. TicketTrigger is very flexible in setup. The configuration is adapted to your specific business requirements and marketing needs.

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Royal Concertgebouw

TicketTrigger is used by the Royal Concertgebouw in Amsterdam, a very wide range and complex SRO functionality is used here, all trough the API.

Royal Concertgebouw

This solution led to a large increase in online ticket sales, an user friendly order flow and fewer calls to the help desk. The integrated cross sell option and use of prompts is a strong feature.

International Film Festival Rotterdam

IFFR is one of the largest audience and industry-driven film festivals in the world, with more than 1.000 screenings and over 300.000 admissions.

International Film Festival Rotterdam

The demands for online ticketing for a festival like IFFR are completely different than the demands for venues or stadiums. In addition to a full integration of our TicketTrigger components in the new IFFR website, we developed custom features to easily handle tickets per order, different membership benefits, and a ‘Buy Discount Tickets for Friends’ option.

Flanders Opera

The Flanders Opera in Antwerp and Ghent is using TicketTrigger for online sales of Event tickets and Subscriptions.

Flanders Opera

For their unique halls we have created a special view from the seat with lots panoramic views per hall. Check it out yourself. The Opera was the the first to use our responsive solution with a mobile seatpicker.

Friends Arena

The Friends Arena in Stockholm, with its 50.000 seats the football national arena of Sweden, is using TicketTrigger for their own online ticketing.

To sell tickets for this gigantic stadium, new functions to TicketTrigger have been added. A fully redesigned One-page-checkout will assure the speed and ease of use as requested by this client. The business club feature is a must have for B2B sales.

The Royal Concert­gebouw Orchestra

The Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra is one of the very best orchestras in the world.

The Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra

The Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra website received an whole new ticketing flow in the winter of 2015. The user account pages facilitate subscriptions renewal, up- and cross sell functions together with multiple donations options make a powerful checkout flow. This is the second installation of TicketTrigger connecting to one SRO⁴ installation.

deSingel, International Arts Campus

deSingel, Antwerp, is an arts site for theater, dance, music and architecture.


For many years deSingel has been using SRO3, they moved to SRO⁴ in 2014. They integrated TicketTrigger in their Heroku based website. deSingel sells membership cards and uses print-at-home tickets. Customers can log in with Facebook and download tickets for iOS passbook.

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